Admission to this program is your first step towards living the Kung Fu Life. Our Art is more than just fighting. It is designed to improve your life as a person, as well as, your knowledge and abilities as a complete Martial Artist. This program has two areas of study, the Academic Requirements and the Shaolin Physical Application. You will begin with your Shaolin Training Orientation program and after completion of this program you will begin your training in Shaolin Wing Chun and earn your Black Sash. If you are dedicated to the arts this will be the beginning of a lifelong journey. 


Our physical training curriculum is designed to cover all ranges of combat.  Students are trained to be effective in long and short kicking range,  long striking range, as well as the basics of ground fighting or grappling.  Simultaneously, students will be taught our core art of Wing Chun, which specializes in "trapping range" - where the human body can be most efficient.  Advanced students will also receive weapons training.   

Meng's Martial Arts also offers Qi Gong training - to bolster energy levels and for general improvement of health.