Our Shaolin Wing Chun Program will allow you to improve in every aspect of your life!  We focus on improving the student physically and mentally, and developing an awareness of self. The classes introduce the students to the concepts, philosophies, protocol, and techniques that are an integral part of becoming a martial artist. If you want to gain the following benefits:

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Athletic Skill

  • Inner Peace

  • More energy

  • Self-Discipline

  • Self Confidence

  • Weight Control

  • Better Concentration

  • Better Mental Attitude

  • Self Defense

  • Martial Artist

You will find that we are a perfect fit for your training.
Shaolin Wing Chun focuses on efficiency in real combat situations, and in real every day life.  This ensures that you are prepared for whatever situations that may arise. Our Qi Gong training will help YOU to develop your internal energy and mental focus. Studying at Meng's of Cincinnati is a great way to get fit, improve as a person, and as a martial artist. Our programs are designed for people who want to improve their lives! Please click on the Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule your free class.

The current training schedule:

Monday-Wednesday 6:00-7:00PM Women’s Self Defense

7:00-8:00PM Shaolin Wing Chun

8:00-9:00PM Advanced Wing Chun

Tuesday-Thursday 6:00-7:00PM Young Dragons/Shaolin Wing Chun Orientation

7:00-8:00PM Shaolin Wing Chun

8:00-9:00PM Advanced Wing Chun