Let us verify the previous statement. A complete martial arts system is reproducible in its training, consistent in its deployment, predictable in its outcome, and effective in all ranges of hand-to-hand combat. When we evaluate Wing Chun we begin with its origins and claims to the Southern Shaolin Temple. The first exposure is to the Three Treasures of Shaolin; Chan, Health, and Combat. It is the CHAN philosophy that is the cornerstone of Wing Chun. You MUST rid yourself of any illusions, live in the “Here and Now” dedicate yourself to a higher level of understanding, and seek a clear state of consciousness. The HEALTH requirements, for a Wing Chun practitioner, are held at a very high standard. In the Temple the practitioners were required to work daily and train hard to develop Body, Mind, and Spirit. Today the Shaolin Wing Chun practitioner must do the same or they cannot achieve the high level of competency required to uphold their lineage. In the realms of COMBAT there is a standard that you must be “Real, Spontaneous, and Complete”, in order to survive in combat. With this in mind I am assured that Wing Chun has its origins in Shaolin.


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