Wing Chun is not a style of martial art. Whenever a Master or Instructor develops a martial art based upon their abilities and attributes it cannot be reproduced in their students. The uniqueness of the originator is forever embodied within himself. Therefore, at best, he has produced a martial arts style and it will die with him, as Jeet Kuen Do died with Bruce Lee.
The origin of Wing Chun is the Southern Shaolin Temple. It was there through many years of research, into the three treasures of Chan (philosophy), Yi (health), and Wu (Combat) the monks discovered the essence of Wing Chun. In order to validate Wing Chun as a System you have to hold it to the criteria of a system which is “A regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole...under the influence of related forces”. When you examine Wing Chun you will find this to be true.
The major concept of Wing Chun is efficiency, which requires a scientific approach. When you relate the theory of Three Reference Points, to denote Height, Five lines, to identify Width, and Two lines to identify Depth, then apply this to the human anatomy you cannot deny the basis of this system. It is from this base that the interacting members of the human body work as a unified whole to deploy its weapons systems under the influence of Qi, which is the energy of the unified force. Further, the application of movements (techniques) which were developed to function within the parameters of “Gates” while utilizing the three dimensions of Height, Width, and Depth complies with the identity of a system. Therefore Wing Chun is definitely a System.
Wing Chun is a complete Martial Arts system. Now there are many Martial Arts Systems, but many have relinquished their completeness for commercialism. In order for a martial arts system to be a complete system it must adhere to a certain criteria and be effective in all ranges of combat. Also, if a system claims Shaolin roots it has to comply with “The Three Treasures of Shaolin”. Wing Chun is a complete Shaolin Martial Arts System.