Wing Chun Systems have many secret codes hidden within them. Wing Chun Systems are scientific, and based purely upon concepts, principles, and formulas and uses these as codes to define their identity. The fundamental concept of Wing Chun is efficiency. The paradigm shift to the concept of the intersection of the three elements of Time, (being superior position) Space (being the effectiveness in a 3 dimensional battle field), and Energy (being the force and power to deploy an attack) in a 3 Dimensional environment is paramount to the success of the Wing Chun practitioner. In order to accomplish this, the codes become more relevant.
In Wing Chun systems, that adhere to the theory of 3 Dimensional combat, there are many codes. The use of Time, Space, and Energy maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk to the practitioner. The application of the Wing Chun formula provides the consistency that is necessary to maintain a system, and the alignment of the gates identify specific areas for the deployment of weapons. The formula of Sup Ming Dim, which identifies ten (10) points in space that define the 3 Dimensions of Height, Width, and Depth, whereas height is defined by three (3) reference points, width is defined by five (5) yin and yang lines, and depth is defined by two (2) lines denoting the inner and outer gates. Further, there are gates within which, the Sup Ming Dim has a 3 Dimensional envelop that provides areas for the deployment of weapons, as well as, the areas for simultaneous attacking and defending against incoming attacks. The Reference Points, Gates, and Lines are the basic codes of Wing Chun. However, if a practitioner is truly to develop their skill they must go deeper and learn how to develop the energy necessary to produce the true power of Wing Chun. The development of this energy, called Qi, is at a higher level of consciousness. It requires the practitioner to go from Fau Kiu to Saan Kiu to Wing Kiu to Emptiness. This could be, and some times is, a lifelong journey. It was the codes in Wing Chun that had to be protected for over 350 years..